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Anyone else ever do this? I'm downloading something, and it's going really slowly. So I'm meant to be doing other stuff, like writing, but I keep getting distracted by clicking over to the download and looking how it's doing. 7KB/s. 8KB/s... 9, 9! Come on, you can do it. 9! 9! 9! YES! 9KB/s, OMG, 10! Oh, 9 again. 8...7... What are you doing? 6...5... Come on! up, up! 6! You can do it, 6, 6, SIX!

Believe it or not, I've been doing this on and off for nearly two hours now. How sad am I?!

Right, writing time I think...

OMG, 12 KB/s!

Okay, stopping now.
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