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Live 8

Does anyone know whether they have started sending out the text messages saying if you've won Live 8 tickets?

There I was having an extremely boring day consisting mostly of watching downloads while occasionally attempting to write and wishing it would stop raining, when I get a text message. Apparently I have won. Call me a pessimist, but my first thought was "That's a cruel joke to be playing. Some people might actually believe it." So I go and show it to my mum, who goes on the site, it looks genuine, it's the official site and everything. So I put in the number they sent me, I tell them my address and everything and select where I want to pick up the tickets from. It still looks genuine. I get an e-mail confirmation. It all still looks genuine. I am very confused. I don't win things, you see. Never have. Except once when I was 8 and I won a colouring in competition and got some Sylvanain Bears. But apart from that...

Is this real? It can't be...can it?
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