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Remind me never to agree to go in town with my sister before she goes to work again. I'm sure they only reason she wanted me to go was so that I could carry stuff home for her. Heavy stuff too. On the plus side though, Father's day pressies and birthday pressies for my mum are now just about sorted. I want to get something else for my mum too though, so I need to think of that. I got her a book about Bono (from U2 if you don't know). Other stuff...dunno. She doesn't really do much except chat online, it's very difficult to think of stuff to get her.

And then on the bus on the way back, I was sitting, surrounded by thousands of heavy bags (thanks Jennie!) when at a stop half way home, about fifteen old ladies got on. There wasn't room, so I had to stand up. With the thousands of heavy bags and a pretty bad backache. *sigh* Ah well, done now. And while I was in town I heard Michael Jackson played twice. Cool.

I have a problem. I've never read Doctor Who fanfic. Well, I read one at the start of the new series, but it was Doctor/Rose, so I ran screaming. But apart from that I never have. So why am I suddenly finding myself coming up with random ideas for stories? Slash stories. I blame Captain Jack. But I'll forgive him since he's so damn cute (so not the type of character I usually obsess over though - nowhere near geeky enough). I may even write something, but it will depend entirely on how I feel after seeing the last episode.
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