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Oh good, it's Thursday

Got my Spanish class tonight. Why is it that when you know you have ages to do some work, you don't bother doing it until the last second? Or is that just me? Well anyway, I've now got to do homework, and we were given extra since we had two weeks off. So...ooops? I will do it, but having loads to do makes me not be arsed to do anything. Better get started really.

But House is on tonight, so I'm happy. The second episode. I'm probably just going to download them all anyway, save me from having to wait around to see them. I mean, there's no point trying to watch them in order when I've already seen a few from the middle of the series on one channel, the first ones on another and downloaded the last couple. I think the only way I could watch them in order would be to download the lot. But I'm watching the ones on TV because Jennie's watching with me. It's a mini victory getting her into a show and I think she really likes this one, because there's no way she'd take 45 minutes off revision to watch TV while she ate her dinner if she was just humouring me. Cool.

I think I'm going to play around with these new tag things before I do my Spanish. Putting stuff off is so fun...
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