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Okay, how cool was the last Doctor Who?

I've only just seen it, so I'm not really ready to form any coherent thoughts, other than "OMG!" and Squeeeeee!" And Jack kissed the Doctor! Squeeeee! I'm going to have to make an icon with that on it. Yep, I have officially been converted. Doctor/Rose is still too scary to contemplate, but Doctor/Jack? Yes please! And he looked like he enjoyed kissing the Doctor way more than kissing Rose. Don't blame him though, Billie's cute, (and we're talking actors here, not characters - the Doctor is out of bounds in this kind of conversation!) but I'd take Eccleston over her. Probably.

Of course, all this is pretty much irrelevant now, isn't it? What with the Doctor regenerating and everything. Any chemistry Christopher Eccleston's Doctor had with the other characters is going to be gone now, David Tennant is going to have to build it back up. Or not. We'll see, I guess. Just not while Christmas.

So...Jack. Yeah, he's gotta be my favourite character. Weird that, since like I said before, he's really not the sort that's usually my favourite character. The geeky/snarky/brainy types are the ones I go for. That's why I obsess over McKay, and House. But Jack's just too great not to love! And when he got killed I was soooo gutted. I still have the nail marks in my arm from digging them in during that scene. So when he was brought back, that just made my day. Jack dying would have put a real downer on the whole episode. I can't believe they left him though, the Doctor must have known he was alive, or if he didn't then he couldn't have known for certain he was dead. Or maybe not...

Either way, poor Jack. From his point of view (no idea what he thought happened while he was dead, but) he somehow miraculously survived being blasted by Daleks, got up and ran as fast as he could to the Doctor, just in time to see the TARDIS (and with it, the man he loves) disappear. And when he does meet up with them again, his Doctor is going to be gone. That's a bit harsh.

Jack'll be back though. He must be. There'd have been no point in bringing him back to life if he wasn't going to be in it any more. I think they just wanted Rose there for the regeneration, since she's been there from the start of the series and everything. But I do think it was a bit real bad leaving poor Jack behind. Especially considering that where they left him is a bit rubbish and he misses out on those last moments with the Doctor and the knowledge of what has happened (the regeneration). When he sees them again, it will probably be hard for him to accept, not having seen it for himself. I can imagine Jack not trusting the new Doctor. Not at first, anyway.

So yeah, I have no doubt in my mind that Jack will be back. Maybe not straight away though. Probably be a good thing if it wasn't straight away, or else everything I say about every episode will revolve around him. I tend to do that with my favourite characters!

Roll on Christmas, I can't wait for more!
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