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She knew I'd been on the computer the other night. She checked the firewall and found out that way, because someone was trying to hack us in the middle of the night or something. So now she's always got a way of checking up on me. How annoying.

Well, it's Friday. Meant to be pizza day, but we've run out of bread flour. I'm hoping we'll get to order pizzas instead. Pizza day wouldn't be the same without pizzas!

Talking of pizza day, it occurred to me that I have renamed most of the days of the week, we have:
Monday - Day before Stargate-day
Tuesday - Stargate-day
Wednesday - Day after Stargate-day
Thursday - New issue of New Scientist-day
Friday - Pizza-day
Saturday - X-Factor-day (just because I can't think of anything else!)
Sunday (previously Carnivál-day)
Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but not much of one!

Anyway, didn't go online last night. I would have done, but I started writing at 8, had a break from 9.50-11 for BSG, then wrote through till 4. Afterwards i was too tired to go online. I still managed to lie in bed for a while without going to sleep though! I'm quite pleased with what I wrote, anyway.
I feel like crap today though, because of it. I really should have thought and had something to eat if I wasn't going to bother sleeping! Never mind though, at least She who must be obeyed can’t accuse me of late-night interneting! Not that I’d care if she did!

102 hours till the next Atlantis ep...
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