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There are no jobs!

Seriously. None at all. It's insane. I mean, I'm looking for an office job, right? Not that I *want* an office job, but it would do for a while, until I decide what I do want to do. So I'm looking on the job sites, and there's nothing. Well, not nothing, there's all this stuff that I wouldn't have a chance in hell of getting. And don't say "you never know if you don't go for it" or anything like that, because I do know. I have no experience, while most of them ask for a couple of yearsworth, I have no typing qualifications, no ECDL (or whatever it's called) and apparently if you don't have a bit of paper to prove you can do something, you can't do it. And yeah, maybe I could get the qualifications, but I don't know how or where, and I feel like I'd be putting a lot of time and effort into doing something to help me get a job that I don't want and would only be using as a filler until something better came along. So what do I do? Keep applying, I guess. Maybe I could look into other things I could do, just, I don't know what. I couldn't do a job where you have to stand up all day, so waitressing is out, as is most shop work. Factory work is definitely a no way. I've done it, I hated it. Except one summer when I was making light fittings for Bonus Accessories. That's not a bad place to work, you get to sit down, listen to decent music, it's not freezing cold... But that's definitely the exception when it comes to factories.

I dunno, maybe I'm just too much of a wuss, but I don't want to make myself miserable. Wen you're working full time, you spend more time there than you do awake at home, so it's a big part of your life. I don't want to be doing something I can't stand.

I am a wuss, aren't I? Well, I don't care.
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