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Wow it was hot today. Too bad I had to spend the day wandering around town. Still, that's my mum's birthday pressie sorted now. And it's still so hot at night. I love the kind of day where you can go out at night wearing shorts and be warm. I wish it could be like that all the time.

So, anyone see the moon tonight? It was big. I don't know why. They explained it in the paper, but I wasn't really paying attention. It was cloudy when it was supposed to look biggest here, but it cleared up now, and it still looks pretty cool. All huge and yellow. Very weird.

My mum's talking about another holiday this year. She's thinking of going to Croatia in July (as well as August) to go to Zagreb and visit her friend. He's not at work then, but he might not be able to see us when we go in August. I doubt she'll go, but if she does then I'm going too. And cool as it would be, I don't think I can afford two trips to Croatia in two months. Well, I probably can, but then I would have no more money. Ah well, I doubt she'll go. Not with the holiday we've already got booked, and the trip to London for the Live 8 concert.

Here's a fairly random question. The phrase "I couldn't care less", I'm sure everyone has always said couldn't. It makes sense that way, right? You know when you notice something and it suddenly starts cropping up everywhere? Well suddenly, everything I watch or read has that phrase in it, only it says "I could care less". Which is right? Because to me, "I could care less" doesn't make any sense. "I couldn't care less" means "it would not be possible for me to care any less than I do, I already care the minimum amount possible". I could care less doesn't make sense. Why is it following me around?

Hey, maybe it's like "bad wolf" in Doctor Who!
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