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Today was pretty unpleasant. I hate to sound all English, moaning about the weather and everything, but I really with is would make it's mind up. I mean, we have a few days of glorious sunshine, then it goes and ruins it with a torrential downpour. I wouldn't mind normally, but I really really hope it doesn't rain on Saturday. So I'm getting all me-like about it and checking weather sites. Metcheck says it'll be sunny and cloudy, so that's okay. If it's right. A different story on Tuesday for the REM concert though. Apparently it'll be nice until about 3, when it will start pissing it down and carry on all night. Oh well, it didn't ruin the Bryan Adams concert last year, and I got to start a new fashion trend, bandannas made out of Jackson's carrier bags. Seriously, I did it, then about 5 people copied me. It was fun!

Anyway, I will stop talking about the weather now!
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