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Another thing to buy?

I need a new computer.

Mine sucks. Really really badly. It wasn't so bad before I got it on the internet, but back then I was using my mum's more, and using this one just for writing. Now though, I'm on this one much more often, and the extent of its suckyness has become clear. I mean, when I have Paintshop Pro open, it works so slowly that I can barely stand to use it, and I can't have anything else open at the same time because that just slows everything down more. It has 64Mb of RAM, That's how bad it is. I need a computer that I can use damnit!

It's looking doubtful now that we'll go to Croatia in July though, so if we don't then that's an extra £400 that I'll have that I didn't expect. So I might get one. I think I'm going to look into it.

Ooo, it's Thursday - House day. The last one on Channel 5 that I haven't already seen though...
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