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REM were so great!

Okay, so it rained none stop from just before the first support act to around the time REM came on stage, and then intermittently throughout the night, so everyone was completely soaked through and freezing, but it didn't really matter. And I was so near the stage! I've never been that close before, it was so cool! And I'm sure Michael Stipe looked right at me when the lights shone on the audience. Probably imagining it though :)

I've had the craziest rush of a day today through. I don't get how time manages to disappear! I got up at about 10 and went on the computer for a bit. Next thing I knew, it was quarter to twelve and I was supposed to be leaving in half an hour. So I had the quickest shower on record, dried my hair with the hairdryer on full and didn't bother straightening it, then rushed downstairs. Time had disappeared again, so it was now 12.20. My shoes were still soaked through from the night before, so I grabbed a pair of Jennie's (Note to self: As soon as I've got a job, I need another pair of shoes that aren't sandals!) which were clarted with clay and mud from the last time she went fossiling. So I looked a right state. And then with all the running to get to the job centre on time, I'm sure I looked pretty scary. So next time, no going on the computer before I go somewhere. Even if I think I've got a spare hour. Because time disappears.
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