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This is from yahoo news:

"Bono called Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin "difficult" and "annoying" after Martin said it would take time for his country to meet demands to boost overseas assistance to 0.7 percent of Gross Domestic Product from 0.26 percent now."

For some reason, this amuses me a lot. Not Martin, of course. I mean what Bono said. I think it's a combination of the fact that it's Bono, and that I've never heard a prime minister or president described as "annoying" before. It's not something their own party anyone would say (in public!), and an opposition party would phrase it differently, and it just struck me as funny. And probably true(!)

I'm just watching the Edinburgh concert on TV at the moment. I was a bit annoyed then they cut Bono off mid speech to show that presenter woman though! But it looked like it was pretty great (despite the rain!). I wish I could have gone.

So now I guess we just wait and see what happens, what they decide. I know some good will come out of this. With everyone watching this thing as closely as they are, it will be impossible for none of the right decisions to make. We know they are going to do something, but it's all about how much. So what is it now, just a case of cross your fingers and hope for the best? Better get on with it then.
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