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Happy Harry Potter day, anyone who's interested. I'm on page 119 already. Which is quite pathetic for me, but reading slowly means it will last longer. This one is a bit shorter than the last, I finished that in 2 1/2 days. I got it from Amazon, and it arrived at half 8 this morning, so I had only just got up. My sister went in town to get hers last night at midnight. Not because she's that obsessed or anything, but she was finishing work around that time and went on the way home. I'm sure the other people in the queue enjoyed the aroma of fajitas that follows her around after work!

So, Atlantis season 2 premiered last night. I'm in the process of downloading it now, so in the meantime I'm avoiding any sites and message boards that could give away spoilers. I will have to wait until I've seen it. Which means I'll have to watch it pretty much straight away or go mad from internet deprivation. So I need to watch it soon. I downloaded perian's last two Traders eps a week or so ago and I still haven't watched them. But that's more to do with not wanting to have watched them all!

In non-fandom related news, I'm feeling mush less depressed today than I have been recently. Hopefully that will continue and not be a temporary (atlantis/HP-linked) thing.
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