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Atlantis was fantastic!

Just a short ramble since I've just finished watching the first ep of season 2. Great ep! Not the best one yet though, (I'm not sure which one is my favourite, but it's not that one) but it was definitely good!

How cool was that thing with Ford? So now Ford is gone! How good is that?! Yeah, okay. I have been mean about Ford in the past, but that's because he has always been an incredibly pointless and boring character whose only purpose seemed to be to stand around looking pretty, gazing adoringly at Sheppard shooting things occasionally. He never did anything remotely interesting, or at least that interested me. Now though, he has. Yeah, I knew what was going to happen. I didn't know how they were going to do it, but people have been talking about super-soldier Ford since the send of the last season. And there he is. All powered up on Wraith juice and in the mood to threaten and kill his team-mates and friends. And he's not as pretty any more. I'm actually interested to find out what will happen next with Ford, and I never thought I would ever say that.

Okay, the Daedalus arrives. Hmm, fair enough. Doesn't interest me that much to be honest. I know a lot of people have been really excited about that for months, but it's nothing that special, is it? Personally, I would have enjoyed it more if the Atlantis team managed to save themselves without any help. And I'm not impressed by them having an Asgard on board. I hope he's not sticking around. Not that I've got anything against the Asgard, I just think it's a dumb idea.

Okay, not for the best characters: McKay. Well, he was great! He didn't do as much as I hoped, but then I always hope that he will be the main character in every episode! And that thing they did with him where his gun fell apart? That bugged me. I mean, yeah it was funny. McKay, alone against two Wraiths, gives his big, brave speech and gets out his gun ready to go down fighting, and...the gun falls apart. Hilarious. Or it would have been in the earlier episodes of season one. Now though, I think McKay has proven himself more than good enough with a gun to manage to keep it in one piece when he is fighting for his life. I think it was a cheap joke to give a bit of comic relief. Well, fair enough. But next time I want to see Sheppard's gun fall to pieces please.

Sheppard. We knew he wasn't going to die. he didn't die. Blah blah, makes up with colonel whatshisface (saw that coming a mile off) What else did Sheppard do? I'm sure there mush have been something... That's weird, I can't really remember! He came up with the cloaking the city thing, didn't he? That was pretty cool.

Beckett: He's a main character! He wasn't in it any more than normal, but the reason he's a main character is because he was in it as much as everyone else (and probably more than Ford) anyway. A shame not to see the credits with him up there with everyone else though. Just having the names at the bottom of the screen like they did seemed a bit pants to me. I hope they show the full sequence when it's on here.

Well, the Wraith think everyone's dead, they should get rid of them for a few episodes at least. More than enough time to introduce a new main character, maybe chase Ford around a bit and have McKay snog Beckett (sort of). It looks like it's going to be a good season.
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