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Last night I watched dodgeball. Not the film (I watched that a few days ago though) the actual sport. They show it on TV and everything! How cool is that?! And it is every bit as bizarre as in that film. It's on every day on Challenge TV, so I'm probably gonna have to watch it a lot!

Then I watched Dumb and Dumberer. That's a film I didn't want to see. I was so sure it was going to be incredibly boring. I mean, it didn't even have Jim Carrey in it! So I didn't see it at the pictures, and again and again when it's been on, I didn't watch it because I was sure it would be rubbish in comparison to the 'real' film. So last night when I finally watched it (it was either that or finish Harry Potter and I'm trying to make it last) I was pretty shocked to find that it was funny. Hilarious even. And now I want to watch it again! Weird how that happens sometimes. Maybe I was just in a strange mood. I'll have to watch it again to make sure.

Well, I've printed off the application form for this VSO thing. Now all I have to do is fill it in, find people to give me a reference and send it off. Trouble is, I have no idea who to use. It says:

"The first referee should be able to comment on your skills and should be someone who has studied, worked, volunteered or trained with you. The second should be someone who had known you well for at least two years, such as a friend!

The thing is, the last time I put my university advisor (she's the obvious choice for the first one) down as a reference, I got rejected, and I am sure it was because of her, so I can't use her, and I can't think of anyone else who would remember me! The second one is less difficult, but I don't know who I should choose. Especially if what if I ask one friend and someone else wants t know why I didn't ask them?! *sigh* I can't believe this is so difficult already!
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