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Know what's not a good thing? Draining loads of money out of your bank account and not having anything to show for it. Not yet, anyway. Yep, it's exchanging holiday money time. The thing is, I took out £100 and changed it onto Croatian Kuna, but then why is my account about £500 lighter? Well, I'm not entirely sure, I've been trying to work it out. And no, I haven't been robbed, I did it myself.

The other day I was in town to sign on and buy a few things I needed for my holiday, when I got a text message from my mum. A few days earlier, she had been trying to book us flights to Australia in December, but it didn't work out because the site sucked and was misleading and she couldn't get through to ring the company. She filled in a form to book online, and was told that it was booked, but apparently it wasn't. So she made a request for them to ring her a few times, and got no response, so she gave up. Then they mailed her (and probably the hundreds of other people that were trying to get in touch with them) saying that they had had too many online requests, they were sorry for not ringing people back and if anyone wanted to get in touch and book, they should ring. This got my mum really pissed off, because she had been trying to ring for three days, and had spent a small fortune on waiting in telephone queues, and so knew that ringing was impossible, so she replied to the e-mail, basically telling them that their site was hopeless, she couldn't ring because she could never get through, etc etc. I figured that was the end of it. But the text message I got while I was in town said "You will be spending your birthday in Oz".

So I texted back with a load of questions, and she rang to tell me that the travel agent people had rang her back, apologising for the bodge up, and offered her tickets at the offer price (even though the cheep tickets had all been sold) so she went for it, and me and her are going at the end of November for 2 weeks. Well, that was unexpected. So now I owe her 4 hundred and something pounds. Not that I'm complaining, because I wanted to go. So I exchanged extra money into Kuna for her to pay part what I owe her. So that accounts for another £200. Then there was £80 of Euros for in Austria, but that leaves another £100. Well, I spent it.

This always happens before I go away. I have to buy up loads of stuff that I would normally wait until I needed it. Like if I'm running out of moisturiser I'd be able to keep going with the one I've got for another 2 weeks or so, but I buy more because I don't want to run out while I'm on holiday. It's that, only for just about everything. Which I suppose doesn't really matter, because I'm not going to have to buy any more than I normally would, it's just that I bought everything at once, which I wouldn't normally do. So I guess I'll be spending a lot less when I get back because I will have everything, so it all balances out. plus I had to but suntan lotion and exerything. But still, I spent a lot! And then I went and got 2 sets of photos developed, so that was another £10, (some good Live 8 ones, but unfortunately the scanner is broken) and decided to finally sort out the comics that have been sitting around in my room for the last year or so. So I got two boxes (£10) and bags and boards (£14) and dividers (£8).

Hmm, the long ramble helps actually. I was a bit confused about what had happened to all my money! Well, I really need to get a job now, I have to replenish my bank account and pay my mum the rest of what I owe her, and save up to pay for hotels and spending money. Oh dear...

So for anyone that couldn’t be bothered reading all this, the gist is: I’m going on holiday to Australia with my mum in December, I exchanged a load of extra money for her to pay for my ticket, then I bought a load of stuff. I should really just have written that, shouldn’t I?!

In other news, Sky is mended!. The box was apparently so old it just stopped working. Typical that it happened just before Enterprise though! But it's sorted now. Thank smeg for insurance! And I'll be watching Enterprise next time it's repeated, since I can't be bothered downloading it.
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