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Well, I've got three of my four DVDs back. But Cube is still MIA. I am worried. This is the last time I lend a DVD to someone whose room is messier than mine!

I had a fight with a bus driver yesterday. Well, not an actual fight, with hitting and everything, it was more an argument. He insisted that I wasn't allowed to use my new deal bus pass on a Saturday and I insisted I was (I didn't know for sure, but I've never had any trouble before, so I assumed). He got very stroppy and looked through a few sheets of paper to find out the rules while telling me I was only meant to use it for going to work. That makes no sense, since new deal is for people who are unemployed, and anyway, if it was for going to work, how did he know I wasn't on my way home? So he looked it up and triumphantly told me that I could only use it until 7pm. Then he checked the time. His face fell. "You've got to get off the bus in one minute" he told me. I thought he was joking at first, so I smiled, but it turned out he wasn't. So I told him no way. I mean, how stupid do you have to be not to realise that if you pay before the time you're okay? Fool. He must have realised he was being a moron, because he backed down, asked me where I was going and took my money. Then he had a go at me.

Really, he was going on about how I'm not to say I can use it whenever I want because I can't. Telling me off, properly. Like he was my teacher at school and I was misbehaving. Odd, because I never said that anyway. I told him so, and he just repeated himself. I could see that this guy was too thick to argue with, so I settled for "You're an idiot," which to be fair was true, but was probably a little uncalled for. He was just bitter because he lost, I think. He was probably really looking forward to telling me I couldn't come on the bus or something. Winning, you know? Well, tough. And so he took it out on me. Thing is, I must have been having a bad day, because he really upset me. I mean, I cried and everything. Not until I got home and his in my room, or course, but still. So I guess this makes me officially a wuss. And a fool for not being able to think fo something better to say to the driver. Damn. I don't want to be a wuss.

I'm thinking of making a complaint. After all, no one has the right to talk to me like I'm a naughty kid who needs telling off. Least of all some nobody trying to save face after making an arse of himself. No one has the right to make me cry. I don't like crying, it makes me all blotchy looking. And it shows me how much of a wimp I really am. I don't like that. Butt if I complained, would I just be doing it vindictively, to get the man who upset me in trouble? Would it be so bad if I was though? I don't know what to do. Maybe I should complain, that way he might think twice before he does the same thing to someone else. I know for sure that he'll never do it to me again though, because I'm done with busses. Unless it's life or death I'm sticking to my bike. I don't want my money going towards the wages of someone like that.
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