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The weather forecast on the internet says it's going to rain a lot during our holiday. That really sucks. Ne volim kiša! And I really should have spent more time learning Croatian, because I'm never going to dare speak to anyone with it this bad!

And apparently, Hull is the worst place in the UK to live. Got this from Yahoo news:

"A TV show has named Hull as the worst place to live in the UK.

The Channel 4 show based its rankings on statistics in five categories - crime, education, employment, environment and lifestyle - from all 434 local authorities in the UK.

Hull earned the title of worst place to live partly thanks to its high crime rate. Researchers said there were approximately 69 crimes a day and nearly three each hour in the northern city.

With 101 chip shops, Hull is said to be the fattest town in Britain.

In terms of education, it also ranked worst of all the local authorities, with only 35.1 per cent of its 16-year-olds getting five or more A*-C GCSE's."

(full article here.)

Well, it's nice to be notable for something, I guess. And it's been a while since we got the no.1 spot in "Crap Towns", I think the prestige was beginning to wear off.
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