prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Well, I'm back. It did rain, but not all the time. Unfortunately, what with moving around so much, we seemed to be following the bad weather around! But the first two days were really hot, we had a wonder around Poreč,(the town where we were staying) and went on a boat trip to Rovinj, another town not too far away, and to the Red Island where we went swimming. The next day was rainy though, so we had a drive around and visited a few random places nearby. The 4th day was slightly better but not really beach weather in the morning. It cleared up in the afternoon and we had a couple of hours of sun. The Wednesday, it was really hot when we got up, but this was the day we were going to Zagreb, so (wearing shorts and stuff) we got in the car and drove there, watching the weather get gradually worse the further we went. When we arrived, it was freezing and we had to get changed. it cleared up a bit later in the day though. The Thursday, we left Zagreb in the morning and drove back to Klagenfurt (in Austria) via lake Bled in Slovenia, where my mum's friend had insisted we go. It's really beautiful, so I'm glad we did, even if it did lengthen the journey. In Austria we stayed in a really cool hotel, the Ernst Fuchs Palast in St Viet an der Glan. It's the wackiest building I've ever seen.

Really posh inside too. Well posh by my standards anyway. Which probably doesn't mean much! And we went to an outdoor pool (it was hot there) for a few hours. There's a similar one in Graz, very cool. It's got slides and diving boards (didn't go near them!) and stuff. Then we had time for a walk around the city before we left in the afternoon.

And then we arrived back in England to thick cloud and pouring rain and realised that maybe the weather in Poreč hadn't been so bad after all!
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