prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I pre-ordered the Lost season 1 box set today. This may have been a stupid idea since (i)I have only seen 5 episodes, (ii)I have no money, and (iii) I am supposed to be saving up for going to Australia. But I don't care. I wanted it, damnit! :D Never mind though, it was only $46ish with postage. I'll start saving up tomorrow.

Went to see The Island last night. It's pretty good, although the product placement is really annoying. It's not something I really notice normally, but in that it's like they are trying to make it obvious. Probably they are, people won't buy the product unless they notice it. Though why someone would buy something because they saw it in a film, I have no idea. I'd be more likely not to buy it because it would look like the product placement got to me!
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