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If I hadn't lost my place on new deal course by being stupid enough to tell the truth, it would have started today. I am actually fairly glad it didn't. I don't want to be getting up at that time. It starts at half 8, so I'd have to leave at half 7, which means getting up at half 6. I am very lazy, and so I can't be bothered. I'm quite glad it won't start until the end of September!

That being said, I was actually quite looking forward to having something to do. This just sitting around watching TV thing gets a bit boring after a while (only a littlebit though!). Of couse, the instant I have something else to do, I know I'll wish I didn't!

But anyway, to make up for not being able to go I had the most bizzare dream this morning. I was trying to get ready to leave on time, but I couldn't find the right clothes and this old woman was living in my cupboard, and she was in the way, so I made my self late by trying to evict her. Weird.
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