prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I've decided I'm really glad that I'm not starting that course until the end of September. It's a nice day today, I sat around in the garden listening to music and reading. If I was doing the course, I'd be spending the whole day wishing I could do that. It'd be all depressing and stuff. By the time I start, the good weather will be just about over. Not that I want it to be bad weather, just I hate been stuck inside when it's nice. (Now watch it pour it down all September and then there be a Indian summer at the end!)

What does anyone think of Flash? This site I'm building for my friend, he really wants me to use it. I'm not sure what he wants, something about the name of the company flying (I didn't really understand, and he is rubbish at explaining!) I've never used it before, so I probably won't be very good at it, and I haven't seen many sites that use it where it looks good. It definitely never seems to suit sites belonging to businesses. It always looks so unprofessional. But he's really set on it, and no matter how many times I tell him it will look bad, he insists. Has anyone ever seen a site that uses flash that looks professional? And if so, can you give me the link, because I need some ideas!
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