prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

For the last week, I've done pretty much nothing else except watch Monk. (Okay, that's an exaggeration. but you get the idea...) so to counteract that, I decided to watch something else today. I went for Due South because it was the first DVD I saw, and I was in the mood for it. Know what I noticed? Aren't Monk and Fraser incredibly similar. Not identical or anything, but pretty damn close.

I've always been convinced Fraser had a mild case of OCD anyway, so they are both obsessively neat and tidy, they both help out the police but aren't actually one the force (Fraser because he's in a different country, Monk because he was discharged), they (sort of) both work with a partner who is in a lot of ways their opposite, they both seem sort of out of touch with the real world at times, they both notice things that other people miss, they both have an encyclopedic knowledge of weird random things that no one else knows anything about... I was practically watching the same show. If Fraser developed a couple of phobias, they'd almost be the same person!

Odd how I never noticed that before. Never had a Monk fest followed by a Due South fest before though, so that's my excuse..!

I wonder if anyone has written a crossover of the two shows. I should look. And if not, I should write one! :-D
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