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It's Tidy!

Ahhh, that's so much better. Junk is pushed into cupboards and hidden behind my boxes of comics, and unless anyone is actually *looking* for mess, it looks very tidy. And then I tidied the rest of the house. No, I've not gone mad, my mum told me to because she hates it being messy when someone is coming round. So the whole house looks pretty good. Especially my room. I really like it when it's like that. And who knows, maybe I'll even keep it looking nice this time (yeah right!). Or to quote Monk, "Anything's possible... Except that."

So now I'm exhausted, and I've got a pounding headache. So I'm going to take paracetamol, make a cup of tea and then sit and watch House (New episode! Squeeeeeee!) while stuffing my face with Lebkuchen. I think I've earned it.
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