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I've got a work placement! From Monday I'll be working as a classroom assistant in a primary school.

It's for this course thing that I'm doing, they find you something to do so that you're not just sitting at the computers looking for a job for 13 weeks. I'll hopefully still be doing the reading thing as well, but maybe one or two days a week instead of five. This will mean getting out of bed slightly earlier though, but it's not too far from my house. I only need to get one bus, and when it's not raining or snowing or something, I'll probably be able to go on my bike. This'll last until December, or April if I decide to stay. That is, as long as they don't think I'm rubbish at it and ask me to leave, of course. Not sure what happens about me taking a two week holiday in the middle though, the people here don't seem to know what's going to happen about that either though! So hopefully it'll just all work out.

One problem though, since there'll be a half term in the middle of the placement, it's beginning to look as though I'm going to have to come in here every day for a week and "do jobsearch", which will be incredibly boring.

But never mind, because today is Friday, so it's a half day, I've got CSI, Boston Legal, Lost and Numb3rs to watch when I get home, and I don't have to come back here on Monday. So I'm happy!

I'm bored, so I decided to plan all the stuff I'm going to buy when I have money!

Babylon 5 (all seasons)
Battlestar Galactica (new)
Charlie and the chocolate factory
Children of Dune
CSI (all seasons)
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Doctor Who (new)
Drop Dead Fred
Dune (miniseries)
Edward Scissorhands
Enemy Mine
Fantastic 4
Father Ted (all series)
Flight of the Navigator
Monk (series 3)
Red Dwarf (series 6-)
Sin City
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG1
Star Trek DS9
Star Trek TNG
Star Trek TOS
Teachers (series 4 - pants, but I feel obligated!)
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