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Human error strikes again

People. Don't you just hate them? Not all of them, obviously, but those moronic, incompetent ones that cause you inconvenience or just get in the way. They should all be killed. Or at least fired so that I can get a job.

Don't mean to rant like a nutter or anything, I'm just annoyed. After I left the school, I decided to go in town and buy the first season of CSI. I've never seen season 1, and over the past few days 3 people have mentioned it, so I wanted to know what they were on about. So I wondered round every show, finding the one that had if cheapest. It was Music Zone. It's sold in two halves, each one was £15. I got both because I figured it'd save me going back later, which would especially suck if it had gone up. I bought them, went home and that was that. Until I opened the bag and took a look. They'd given me the second part twice. Once in the box for the second part, once in the first part's box. And the one that's in the wrong box isn't in cellophane. It looks like the girl serving me couldn't find the right one, so shoved any old whatever into the display box. I know it's the display box because the price sticker is still on it. I don't mind that though, what I mind is not having the first 13 episodes. So now I've got to go back tomorrow, and with it not being wrapped up I'm worried they'll think I'm trying to cheat them or something. So I don't know what's even going to happen.

People suck!

I think I'll try and go at dinner time tomorrow, 50 mins should be enough time if I'm on my bike. As long as I don't end up getting into an argument because they won't exchange it or anything. Hopefully I'll also have time to eat though, because otherwise I'm a bit doomed! I guess going after school would be the better option, but it means taking a major detour on the way home to get into town and I want to get straight home (and probably watch CSI!).
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