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There is no point whatsoever in this post.

Why is it that during the week I'm really tired and can barely keep myself awake long enough to get into bed, but on a Friday I'm usually still up at stupid times like this? I'm not complaining, it actually works out quite well, it just doesn't make any sense. Must be some sort of psychological thing, like I know I need to be up in the morning, so I need sleep, so my brain makes me tired. Thanks brain!

But since it's Friday, I'm doing what I always do online at night, looking up randomness on Wikipedia and browsing the net for fanfic. Today I've gone for mostly Highlander. Don't know why, but I've been thinking about that show all week. I really want to get all the DVDs! Even the last season, but that would only be to complete the set, since with the exception of a few episodes and one or two brilliant scenes, I didn't like season 6 at all. There was even one episode I got bored with and turned off half way through. I think the best episodes were the ones before 6 but after Joe was introduced. And Methos, because you've got to love Methos! I don't even know when that was though. Joe and the rest of the Watchers turned up at the start of season 2, I remember that because the first episode of the season is called The Watchers. But Methos was a little later, season 3 sometime? Ah whatever. I have no idea why I'm rambling about Highlander. Maybe I'm more tired than I thought I was...

Don't think I'll be getting the DVDs though. They aren't out here anyway, and the region 1 ones cost a ridiculous $80 each. Maybe when I have money.

Thinking about Highlander always brings me onto Forever Knight. I wonder if they will ever bring out season 3. I'd definitely get that. I'd have to, just because I have the first two. But I liked it anyway. Despite the lack of Schanke. I thought Screed was cool. Well, until he died. I bet they don't release it.

Sorry for the random pointlessness. I really have no idea why I'm talking about this! Something must have made me think of Highlander a few days ago. I didn't even notice though, so I wonder what it was...

I should sleep, I think! And I have episodes taped somewhere I'll watch them instead of buying DVDs. For now.
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