prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Damn those Canadians and their excellent comedy! I have just spent most of the day downloading episodes of Corner Gas. Which, by the way, is absolutely hilarious. So now, unless I want to download the whole series I'm going to have to buy 2 more DVD box sets! Ah well. But seriously, I should stop listening to people when they tell me shows are good, that way this would happen much less often. I won't do that though, because, well... I'm me.

Also, why is it that whenever I'm home alone I can't seem to eat properly? I mean, when I was living in Austria I pretty much ate one of three things every day. I lost quite a lot of weight actually, which I've put back on since. So in an effort to lost a bit of weight again, maybe in time for going to Australia, I have been trying and failing to eat healthily for a month or so. It hasn't been working, even with biking to school nearly every day, I have stayed the same weight. Today, with my mum and dad gone for the weekend to visit my sister at uni, I decided that I would take the opportunity to eat healthily instead of just eating what I'm given. I thought maybe some fruit and veg, a couple of Ryvita, I don't know. What I didn't plan on eating though was half a garlic bread stick and a half tube of Pringles. It was a case of eating the first thing I saw, I think. Honestly, I have no self control at all.
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