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Extra hour - yay!

I love it when the clocks go back, you get a whole extra hour to do what you like with. Not for free, mind, you have to pay it back in six months, but I think it's worth it. At least, I think it's worth it when you get your extra hour, when you lose one it just sucks!

So, you've got three choices of what to do with it, stay up an extra hour the night before, telling yourself it's not as late as it actually is, get an extra hour in bed, or wake up at your usual time and then take the clocks back so that it's miraculously an hour earlier and you have an extra hour in the morning. It's so cool! I'm not even sure what I did this time. I stayed up later that I was planning to, set my alarm so I'd have extra sleep anyway, woke up after my normal amount of sleep and lounged around in bed reading for a bit. And it's still a surprise when I look at the clock and see how early it is. Weird.

Plans for today include watching Corner Gas, Nip Tuck and CSI and doing a (very) quick tidy round because the grups come back tonight.
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