prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

I think Jennie liked her birthday present. I got her the Dead Like Me season 1 box set, because she loves that show, and it turned out she didn't even know it had been released! Then she went to bask in the glory of being able to have a bath instead of a shower, and I decided to binge on Corner Gas. Jennie's not too impressed with that though, she thinks it's awful. The fool! That girl has no taste. Apart from that she likes Dead Like Me. And Atlantis. And Lost, and Forever Knight, and Teachers, and Scrubs, and Highlander, and Due South...

Maybe there's hope for her after I force her to watch a few more episodes.

Also, looks like I missed the news while I was on holiday. Richard Pryor died last week. Damn. That's so sad.
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