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New Doctor Who!

Well, talk about a slow start, the doctor was asleep for the first forty minutes! I have to admit (reluctantly though, because I hate to dislike anything Who) that I was bordering on getting bored for a while there. I mean, I like Rose fine, but I'm not interested enough in her to want to watch forty minutes of her panicking and crying. Rose is great as the assistant, but she needs the doctor around to make her worth watching, I think.

It all improved dramatically around twenty minutes before the end, when the tea spilled, the aliens started speaking English and you realised something was going to happen. So, I was dubious at first, but I love the new Doctor. He's different from 9, but in a good way, so that's okay. Very okay. I've never really seen a regeneration without already knowing what to expect from the replacement, so I was a little worried. Not too worried though, because I trust the writers and I know how good David Tennant is. And that he's a Doctor Who fan.

I couldn't believe when the PM went and destroyed the aliens. I mean, we were all just staring at the screen thinking "Wtf did she do that for?" Loved the doctor's way of dealing with her though. Serves her right. I think seeing the doctor's reaction at the end there was what let me know I was going to love him.

Also, Torchwood. Squeeeeee! *jumps around in excitement*

I think I'm going to have to re-watch that to sort out what I thought about some parts. I think I'll watch it after I re-watch the whole of the last series though, because I got that for crimbo.
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