prepare4trouble (prepare4trouble) wrote,

Hmm. Boxing day. What a waste of time.

Well, I say waste of time, but it's kind of necessary. I mean, boxing day is a day devoted to sitting around, eating stuffing (or for the none vegis turkey and stuffing) sandwiches and watching whatever DVDs you got the day before. It is absolutely acceptable to do nothing all day without feeling guilty about it, people are unlikely to complain if you spend the day drinking steadily and feeling a bit depressed that there's no more Doctor Who until the spring.

I got up early, for mo on a day when I have nothing to do. Ten past nine. I then ate my breakfast and spend over two hours with my dad trying to correctly connect my new DVD recorder up so that we can still watch Sky without weakening the signal by feeding it through every piece of equipment in the house. We weren't successful.

My brother and his girlfriend popped round for an hour or so to eat Christmas dinner leftovers and play with the dog, then I listened to music, watched a bit of Doctor Who, ate my tea and watched Corrie (not by choice!) with my mum and sister, then watched Sin City. My sister interrupted partway through to announce that she was popping out for a second. She was wearing her coat over her pyjamas. Weird.

I think that new Doctor Who ep made more of an impression that I realised. I have spent most of the day thinking about it, and am now wondering whether I should track down DVDs of more of David Tennant's stuff. I did see a few eps of Casanova and liked them...

I would normally go to bed around now, but my mum has nodded off on the settee, my dad has gone to bed and asked me to wake him up in an hour is Jennie isn't back. So it looks like I'll be playing on Wikipedia for a while.

Also, did anyone else happen to notice that a review of The Christmas Invasion that was basically a huge fangirlish squee made page 3 of the Times today? That amused me quite a lot!
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