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The wind was blowing tight in my face all the way cycling home. Not fun. I'm exhausted now!

I got back to find that Millie had jumped over the bit of wood we'd put in front of he gap where the kitchen door used to be, and had had a great day eating pencils in my brother's old room. Probably got some of my dad's work too, because he pretty much uses that as an office at the moment. Oh dear.

Anyone watch Eleventh Hour? Was very cool. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to watch it without thinking of Patrick Stewart's character as Captain Picard. I don't know why, he did make a fairly convincing Professor X. Stuff like that can really ruin a show though. I spent most of the first episode of Bones seeing Angel instead of whatever David Boreanaz's character is called, and it happened again with something else. I guess Patrick Stewart must just be a superior actor. Anyway, Eleventh Hour made me miss House, so that's taped and I'll probably watch it tonight while I'm waiting for My Name Is Earl.

I didn't think Hyperdrive was as bad this week. Now don't get me wrong, it wasn't good or anything, but it did seem like an improvement. Unless maybe I was expecting something really abysmal and it was only awful. Anyway, I don't know whether I'll carry on watching it or not, it's not like I've got nothing else to do on a Wednesday night at 10pm, Desperate Housewives is back. Oh, right, I watched the later one on E4, so now the one at 10 next week I'll have just seen. Ah well, Hyperdrive it is then. Who knows, maybe it will improve more...

So, it's Friday. This is pathetic, I know, (and I am looking forward to having a lie-in on the weekend) but I can't wait for Monday night to see Life On Mars. I love that show, but I can't really figure out why!

I'm not looking forward to Monday day though, because I've been moved out of Year 1 into the Reception class for a while. They need someone to help the kids with roll play activities to help their language skills. Okay, fair enough, but I've been in reception, it's really really noisy, and most of the kids talk so quietly you can barely hear them. I'm not sure this is going to be possible. And a whole new class full of names and faces to memorise. I'm doomed.
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