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Cold of doom...

My evil cold has taken a new and interesting turn. On Friday afternoon, I noticed I couldn't hear properly out of my left ear. Since then, it's gotten gradually worse, with a buzzing in the ear gradually growing louder and more distracting, and not the other ear joining in. It's kind of like someone's turned down the volume button on the world. So right now I'm typing, and I can barely hear the sound of the keyboard. Luckily, it's a bank holiday, so no work tomorrow and it has another day to clear up. If it's not better on Tuesday, I'm going to have to go into work and just keep asking people to repeat themselves, because I already have tickets to see Civil War Tuesday night, and I can't go after taking a day off sick, in case someone sees me. I'm fairly confident that if it doesn't get worse I'll still be able to hear the movie, because TV hasn't been a major issue. The fact that I still feel like crap is incidental. I need to see the movie!

I should probably go to the doctors though. I'm a bit concerned about this. I don't normally get ear infections.


Show us your hardest face

Three days ago, I was randomly added to a Facebook group called "Show us your hardest face". I was baffled. But it turned out to be something a couple of friends of my brother had made because they'd been talking about how he liked pulling stupid faces. So they created a group and posted pics of themselves pulling faces like they were about to beat someone up. It was pretty funny, so I stayed in it, and even posted one myself (it's not very good though). But since then it's kind of taken off. People added their friends, who added their friends, you know how it works. And today someone from the local paper contacted them to ask if they could write an article about it.

It went up this evening, and prompted a whole load more people to join. Now, I'm really not a fan of the Hull Daily Mail. It's generally badly written, badly researched and they put all their articles on Facebook, prompting uneducated morons to say awful things that they don't seem to bother to moderate. When Matthew died, they wrote an article about him, which was okay, actually, but the comments on it were horrible. But this is actually pretty funny.

My picture didn't make it into the article, luckily. But then, I doubt they'd use such a rubbish one anyway. The ones they did use are good :-)


Weird weather

Timehop showed me this picture of all the tree blossoms falling down and looking like snow. I remember taking it two years ago because I thought it was pretty and also funny that it looked like snow at the end of April. The 'now' pic is from today. It actually did snow. At the end of April. It is May next week, and it's been hailing and snowing on and off for the past two days. We didn't get any snow when it was actually winter. WTF is going on?



This cold I have is kicking my ass. And I still have the stupid cough left over from when I had bronchitis a month ago before Disney. And it's actually a month ago now, so this is getting ridiculous. And now I have a headache as well.

I'd love to say I'll have an early night, but it's already gone midnight. Tomorrow. I'll have an early night tomorrow. But yeah, sleep time, I think.


Dragging my dad into this decade...

I've just spent the better part of an hour helping my dad set up his new iPhone. Which it much less time than it took me to help my mum set hers up. I don't get it, mine worked with no problems.

Got there in the end though, and my dad has finally joined this decade with my mum's old 5s instead of the very slow 3s he had been using for the last fifty years (approximately). I heard a rumour that he's going to change his contract so he has some data too, which would be nice because as it is, he can only receive iMessages when he has wifi, and apple, not being that smart, default sends iMessage to anyone with an iPhone, meaning that every time I text him, I have to change the settings on my phone if I want to be sure that he'll get it. Or else if he's at work, the shops, walking the dog, anywhere but at home, it just disappears into the ether.

In other news, I ran the branch today and there were no major disasters. A few minor ones, but so far so good. Four more days of being the boss to go... (and so much that can still go wrong!)

I'm in countdown mode to new Game of Thrones. T minus six minutes and counting. Although I'm going to watch it a bit late so I can fast forward the adverts.

Hull Daily Mail headlines today...

Okay, so this is seriously the headlines on the local newspaper's website today. What the hell is going on?

Hello Dreamwidth

This is just a test. I've copied my entire journal over to Dreamwidth, and now I'm checking whether the crosspost thing works. Not sure why. I'm not leaving Livejournal or anything, I was just interested. Plus, more people are here than there now. so...

Here goes :)

Just a page from an old comic

I've been rereading some old comics, taking advantage of the last of my days off before I'm back at work on Monday. I came across this today. I'd seen it before, but it really seems to do a great job of giving a visual representation of how Matt 'sees' the world, much better than the radar sense panels you get more often. Not that I dislike those of course, though I'm not a huge fan of the radar sense - I much prefer the way Matt seems to experience the world in the series. They do mention the radar sense a few pages later, and there are bits of it here too, but mixed in with everything else, which is nice. I think this is kind of an intro to the character for people new to him, and a reintroduction for people coming in from the previous series.

For context, this is from a short, extra story in Daredevil 1 (2011). This is the series that followed the one that ended with Shadowland, which was very dark. Matt has come back determined to be happy and optimistic, and Foggy is... unsure about it.

I love this because there's just so much going on there, the birds wings, the sound, and/or perhaps scent of the woman's hair, the fumes from the car, the smell of the dog mess, people talking, the (pizza?) on the back of the motorcycle, music from someone's iPod... It just seems like a nice representation of all the stuff he is constantly aware of just in his everyday life.


Batman vs Superman

I went to see Batman vs Superman last night. It was good. Didn't expect that!

My dad's always been the Superman fan. He read the comics for years. I borrowed them occasionally but only bought Marvel and read the DC stuff just when I was bored. So I don't know all the backstory that he does, so he was actually more impressed than me. I have a few nitpicks, but in general it was a really good movie, and I was even impressed with Ben Afleck, who I was so so so dubious about.

Now we'll see how good a job DC do at emulating Marvel as they lead up to Justice League...


Home again

I'm back from Center Parcs. I know I've been going there since I was about 10, but I think it's still one of my favorite holiday locations. I love how the wildlife comes to your door to be fed. When we arrived we had three ducks come up to the back door begging for food, we were visited by squirrels and swans and all kinds of birds, and at night a bunch of mice came and cleared up the leftovers. And the pool at Sherwood is just so awesome, especially the slides and the Rapids, which I must have been down about 50 times. Poppy is old enough to go down the more gentle first half now, so she just kept insisting I go with her again and again. My favorite slide is the bid tube slide though. It's supposed to have little LEDs above you all the way down but it was broken this week so it's pitch black the whole way down, which you might not think is good, but is actually really is because it makes all the twists and turns much more unexpected.

I'm covered in bruises though, mostly from the Rapids. We call them Rapids wounds and they are kind of a mark of honor, in a silly, jokey way.

I also kind of love how inclusive the whole place is. Like most of the restaurants have vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free etc menus, which is massively refreshing after the choice of vegetarian food in Disneyland! (mostly a choice of vegiburger and chips or margarita pizza) Also, little things, like all the maps placed around the village are also tactile maps, and everywhere is set up to be helpful to people with kids or breastfeeding mums, like it's easy to get prams everywhere, and they actually have sheltered buggy parking outside everywhere. Not I need those, but it's very nice that it's there for people who do. It's also lovely that there are no cars in the village. Even if you do get a bit wet when it rains, it's nice to go for a walk and not see any cars, just hoards of people walking and cycling around. So yeah, definitely my favorite holiday, at least within the UK. I'm not saying I'd choose it over a fortnight in Santorini, but for somewhere an hour and a half up the motorway, it's seriously awesome.

I do however always return absolutely exhausted because it's a pretty active holiday. Luckily I'm not back at work til Monday, so now I get to rest up and write some fanfic and catch up on some comics on Marvel Unlimited for a few days. Well, after the laundry is done!



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